The Film Nerd 2.0 Guide to Star Wars


I’m happy to announce the release of the book I illustrated, You’re Watching It Wrong: The Film Nerd 2.0 Guide to Star Wars written by one of my favorite film critics, Drew McWeeny.

Film Nerd 2.0 was a regular column by Drew about the experience of showing classic movies to his kids. Now he has compiled all of his Star Wars-related articles. It’s a great read if you’re a Star Wars fan or a parent (and especially if you’re both!). I can almost guarantee it will make you cry at some point.

If you can spare 7 bucks, you’ll get to enjoy some of the best writing on film ever published (and some pretty fun illustrations as a bonus).

Click here to buy the e-book direct from Drew’s website.

Under construction


As I’m posting this, the website is currently under construction, so don’t mind the dust. I’m right in the middle of building the Illustrations page, which will include a better organized (and much larger) archive of my work than I’ve ever had online before. It’s been fun digging through my files and finding old projects I’d forgotten about.

The website should be fully operational (including the proper, official launching of my webcomic The 3 Pilgrims) in just a few short weeks on January 2, 2017.

In the meantime, if you’re reading this and want to remain updated and see my work, click over to the About page and check out my social media pages.